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    Phones for Sale

    Chinese good quality cell phones, Refurbished iPhones and phone accessories on sale, cheaper with free shipping(most) on Chinavasion wholesale electronics shop. Start your shopping plan in our store right now to save more budget and lead a better life. Welcome order in bulk wholesale to get great profits.

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    Buy Best Unlocked Original and Refurbished Cell Phones Online

    Want to buy a good and lowest budget phone online but don't fancy a contract package? Well you are in the right place. All our devices are unlocked. And we would like to introduce you something about unlocked.

    There are some buyers didn't know what is an unlocked phone, but some of them have suffered in this area. Why? Because they bought a non-unlocked one, which means the product has binded with a set menu from the operators(bind a contract package), but they needn't the set menu actually and still need cost money on the set menu until it expires. So, you should buy an unlock item if you needn't a set menu bind with it. And you can check out the introduction on the product's details page before you make an order. You can also feel free to contact the sales to ensure that.

    Wholesale Smartphones

    Welcome start smartphone and accessories business with Chinavasion, we sourcing smartphones direct from the sources, that means without any middlemen, to keep offering you the greatest profits. Drop-shippers are offered great good dropshipping wholesale prices.

    Get a Cheaper Phone

    Wanna a new best cheap phone like Samsung Galaxy, Xiaomi and Oneplus with free shipping and cheaper prices? Chinavasion carefully selected a variety of different levels of best models directly from the sources to choose from. There are some items near or under 100 as mid-lower-end but work well, and all high-end items are not over than 1000, except Apple iPhone. It means you'll get the best one on Chinavasion at the cheapest price.

    Apple Original iPhone and Apple Refurbished Phone

    Everybody knows that the Apple iPhone is more expensive than other brand's phone, it was born for those who have enough budget and want to buy it. Apple iPhone is available on Chinavasion. And the new iPhones and refurbished iPhones are separated into two different categories. If you want to buy a cheaper one, you can choose the refurbished iPhone to save the budget.

    If you do not have enough budget to buy an Apple original or refurbished iPhone, don't be disappointed, there is another good brand like Xiaomi and Huawei Smartphone on Chinavasion, they are working as well as Apple iPhone but with big cheaper price. Believe it or not. You can't stop loving it once you used it for a while.

    Looking for mobile phone wholesale distributors?

    Buy phone in bulk at wholesale prices are available on Chinavasion, the more the less cost. We offer all consumers with great wholesale prices, to make more profits to the wholesalers, resellers, drop-shippers and, order in bulk buyers.

    Most of our products are offered with free shipping service, you can check out the shipping information on the details page.

    What we do before we shipping?

    In order to receive satisfactory phone, we have a professional team to conduct final inspection of the quality of the goods before delivery, to ensure that the goods are working properly. We carefully package the products to minimize the problem of product quality caused by transportation. We might still have many deficiencies, and we are trying our best to make it better. What we most want to do is, to make consumers have a good shopping experience.

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